Robert Wright Artist

Priest-painter – Robert Wright is an Anglican priest who seeks to explore spirituality through the medium of abstract paintings
Robert Wright is self taught and cites Wassily Kandinsky, Ben Nicholson, Mark Rothko, Sean Scully and Terry Frost as major influences on his painting. He is especially concerned with the balance of his paintings and he hopes that this reflects his simultaneous exploration of contemplative prayer where he is heavily influenced by the writings of the Twentieth Century monk Thomas Merton. Working mostly in acrylics, rw5in his paintings Robert’s explores dimensions and elements of the soul which correspond to the dimensions and elements of our reality to reveal further meanings and just when something seems clear, other deeply evocative spaces and perspectives open up.
Kandinsky believed that painting, like music, should be expressive of the artist's “inner life”, the deepest intuitions and feelings, without recourse to “reproduction of natural phenomena.”’ Kandinsky wrote, “one should not approach art by means of reasoning and understanding, but through the soul, through experience.” This is central to understanding Robert’s work.
Since moving to West Oxfordshire in 2010 Robert devotes much of his time to painting. Robert has led a number of days and seminars on art and spirituality and his work has been shown at several religious communities.
Robert Wright has held eight successful solo exhibitions in London, Guildford, Oxford and Essex and shared exhibitions in Hereford- as part of hArt 07, and Oxfordshire as part of Oxfordshire Art Weeks 2013. Robert was the Conference Artist at the Thomas Merton Society of Great Britain and Ireland's Ninth General Meeting and Conference in 2012. In 2013 he contributed two paintings to an important exhibition – Risen- at the Piano Nobile Gallery in London and Monnow Valley Arts in Herefordshire and joined a shared exhibition at Asthall Manor as part of Oxfordshire Art weeks.
Robert is currently working on private commissions and talks and Quiet Days exploring connexions between art and spirituality . His paintings are held in private collections throughout the UK, France, Holland and America.